Welcome to The Golf Academy

Academy philosophy 
Each and every pupil has different goals, aspirations and time constraints. We believe it is essential to understand what those are before committing to a course of action. However, from our point of view one thing always remains consistent and that is in every single lesson we like to see an obvious improvement in what the ball is doing. It is our opinion that if improvement is taking a long time, either the information you are receiving is wrong or not appropriate for you. This is why at considerable expense we have invested in the best technology and always try to learn from the most knowledgeable and innovative people in golf.

We aim to focus on all elements of the game in an environment that reflects the pace of the game rather than the current pace of life. Time is one of the key ingredients to learning and we make time go further than just scratching at the surface of a fault, we prefer to delve into the root causes. Quick fixes are two-a-penny; permanent progress is harder to find.

Colin Ancsell
Head Teaching Professional