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Duration Cost
Half Hour £25.00
45 minutes £35.00
One Hour including Video Analysis £45.00
6 Hole Playing Lesson £50.00
9 Hole Playing Lesson £75.00


Description Cost per
Half Hour
Cost per


Seven lessons teaching the fundamentals of the game. This programme is structured to help quickly develop the golf skills, knowledge and understanding needed to enjoy those first steps on the golf course. You do not need to be a member of the golf club and you do not even need a golf club to get started.

£150.00 £250.00


Seven lessons designed to build on the skills and knowledge gained through the beginner package. Included in this package is an introduction into the use of long Irons and Woods and most importantly those first few steps are taken on the course.

£150.00 £250.00


Designed with the experienced player in mind. Through the use of video analysis this seven lesson package allows the individual to understand the mechanics of their swing whilst learning how to develop it.

£175.00 £290.00
Description Price

Short Game

Lower scores can be achieved with this shot saving package. A two hour short game assessment session is followed by six hour long sessions that will be tailored to the individual's needs. All aspects of the short game (putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and everbody's favourite, the lob shot) are all covered by this package of seven lessons.



Strengths and weaknesses in course management, strategy and shot control are studied during two on-course game assessment lessons. The information gathered from these two sessions determines the struture of the next five lessons. A final assessment lesson ensures the improvements made are bringing down the scores.



This combines the Analysis and Short Game Packages. Once again two on-course assessments lessons analyse course management, strategy and shot control. These are complemented by the two hour short game analysis test which covers all of the shots required from inside 50 yards. With a further 10 hours worth of coaching to come before the final assessment lesson that covers both aspects of this package, improvements in all aspects of the game are bound to be seen.


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